Old Syrian Marble Relief of a Lion

Culture: Levant
Period: around 1600 B.C.
Material: Cipollino marble
Dimensions: 60 cm x 40 cm
Price: 72 000 Euro
Ref: 6221
Provenance: Collection Jean Louis Dozon, acquired 1921 or 1922 in Damascus. Since then in a family estate, last with the grandson Emmanuel Dozon Colpi. Accompanied by an old inventory list confirming this information.
Condition: Left hind leg missing, some wear on the ear and on the tip of the tail, yet in total a high-quality fragment with a strong expression made of cipollino marble.
Description: High-quality cipollino marble relief of an upright standing lion. The animal with an open mouth and baring teeth. The eyes of the vigilant lion also wide open, the ears raised, the tail lifted. The finely worked waivy mane cascading behind its shoulder, muscles and bone structure in details and archaically worked out. The grain of the stone reflects at the same time the coat pattern of the animal, which underlines even more the high quality of the figure. Between the forelegs a fragment of a small dog. The relief is an architectual part once decorating an important portal. See for reference of the lion head the example of the citadel from Aleppo. The inlaid eyes can be found in a relief from Persepolis, depicting a lion fighting with a bull. Acquired in Damascus beginning of the 1920s. The location, where the relief initally was acquired, namely Damascus suggests a nearby provenance. Mounted.