Bronze Statuette of a Kneeling Pharaoh

Culture: Egyptian
Period: 26th dynasty, 664-525 B.C.
Material: Bronze
Dimensions: 11.2 cm high
Price: 14 800 Euro
Ref: 1166
Provenance: Swiss private collection Dr. Henri Renold, acquired on 26 April 1989 at Arete, Galerie für antike Kunst, Zürich. Comes with the original invoice dated 26 April 1989 and the original certificate of gallery Arete, dated 2 May 1989.
Condition: Intact
Description: Solid bronze work of a kneeling pharaoh (possibly Necho II), his arms lowered, bent at the elbows and projecting forward above gently sloping thighs. His hands with the palms turned in, once holding a now-missing offering. The upper body with broad shoulders, the waist slender with a drop-shaped navel. The pharaoh wears a false beard, the Nemes with Uraeus as well as a belted, long and vertically stripped kilt with a central tab. In front of the splayed toes a stud where the statuette was inserted in its original base. High quality bronze work with numerous details. Mounted.