A Pair of Bronze Age Brooches of the “Posamenterie Type”

Culture: Middle Europe
Period: Hallstatt B-period, 1000-800 B.C.
Material: Bronze
Dimensions: 12.1 cm and 12.4 cm long respectively
Price: 4 800 Euro
Ref: 5138
Provenance: Collection Axel Guttmann (1944-2011). Thence US private collection Tom Barnett. Last in the Rack collection in Germany.
Condition: Intact
Description: A matching pair of elaborately worked out Bronze Age brooches or Posamenterie fibulas each with eight small and one large end spiral. Middle clamp, end spiral and loop-shaped needle holder, as well as the needle on the back are formed from one single bronze wire. Two parallel wires are attached on each side of the middle clamp, fixed with three collars. These wires are twirled into four spirals on each side. This type of Bronze Age jewellery was found in the areas of today’s Hungary, Slovakia and the Czech Republic. With beautiful black-green patina.