Fragment of a Grave Inscription for Ispius

Culture: Roman
Period: 3rd century A.D.
Material: Marble
Dimensions: 16.5 cm x 17.3 cm
Price: Sold
Ref: 3366
Provenance: Old French private collection.
Condition: Fragment of beautiful quality.
Description: Fragment of a finely veined marble plate with an inscription in five lines. It reads: 1. [D(is)] M(anibus) s(acrum) 2. [...]s Ispius 3. [vix(it)] ann(o) uno 4. [me]ns(ibus) duob(us) 5. h(ic) s(itus) e(st). The translation reads: “Dedicated to the Manes. …s Ispius lived one year and two months. He is laid to rest here.” The finely drawn inscription in capitalis actuaria and the high-quality marble suggest an affluent family of the 3rd century A.D. A publication is in preparation.