Early Dynastic Alabaster Vase

Culture: Egyptian
Period: Old Kingdom, 4th-6th Dynasty, ca. 2613-2181 B.C.
Material: Alabaster
Dimensions: 26.8 cm high
Price: Sold
Ref: 1087
Provenance: Collection Marcelle Desurmont-Prouvost (1892-1972), Paris, acquired in the 1940s. Through heritage into the collection of M. H. Francois-Marsal, Nantes. With a copy of an insurance paper mentioning the vase (number 24), dated 6 March 1979. And accompanied by a French antiquities passport dated 5 August 2015.
Condition: Part of the rim restored, otherwise only some minor wear and of magnificent elegance.
Description: Very high, cylindrical and extremely thin-walled Alabaster vase. The rim is rounded and slightly projecting. The base is flat and becoming broader downwards. On the bottom an old inventory number (“No 6”) written with a pencil. Wonderful grain.