Granite Bust of a Noblewoman

Culture: Egyptian
Period: Middle Kingdom, 12th century, 1976-1793 B.C.
Material: Granite
Dimensions: 15.1 cm high
Price: 48 000 Euro
Ref: 1424
Provenance: Collection Gustav Schütz, Vienna, Austria. Acquired between 1920 and 1935. Thence continued to be in the family estate. With a handwritten provenance confirmation of the heiress and a picture depicting the old mounting.
Condition: A small restoration on the left upper arm, otherwise unrestored. Face, especially the nose, with some wear, a minor wear on the right chest. The mouth possibly re-engraved.
Description: Rare and large dark granite bust of a woman from the Middle Kingdom. She wears a tripartite, striped wig with middle parting, which press her striking, large ears forward – a classical beauty ideal of the period. The face is broad, the mouth formed to a gentle smile. While the natural arch of the eyebrows merge to the nose root, the artificial eyebrows in bas-relief are absolutely straight above the inner corner of the eyes. The woman wears a formfitting dress with a low neckline between the small, round breasts. The wig is also on the back decorated with fine, vertical stripes. Striking are the large, horizontal waves which cascade far down her back. The statue of the noblewoman stands on its own, this fact is not at least a proof for the gender equality among the elite of the Middle Kingdom. See for the type the bust in the Brooklyn Museum with the Accession Number 59.1. Mounted.