Large Attic Kylix attributed to the Euergides Painter

Culture: Greek/Attic
Period: 510-500 B.C.
Material: Terracotta
Dimensions: 40 cm in diameter (including handles); 32.1 cm in diameter (excluding handles); 13 cm high
Price: 22 000 Euro
Ref: 2514
Provenance: According to reports from the Viennese private collection Schneider, early 20th century. Thence in an English collection.
Condition: Professionally reassembled from several pieces, with three minor additions.
Description: Large, thin-walled and black glazed kylix with a high, protruding, profiled ring foot. The vertical handles start below the rim and are pulled up reaching the same height. The high quality of the pottery workmanship is underlined by the fine painting in the tondo, which is attributed to the Euergides painter. It depicts a young, unclothed young man, who kneels in front of a basin. He holds his arms for washing into the basin. A victory wreath in his short curly hair, which cascades to the forehead and the nape, indicates that he is an athlete. Encircling is the Greek inscription “HO PAIS KALÒS” (“The young man is handsome”). See for the attribution the Euergides painter the kylix with the young man with a hair wreath in a similar pose in the Metropolitan Museum of Art with the Accession Number 09.221.47.