Large Cypriot Oenochoe with Lotus Blossoms

Culture: Cypriot
Period: 8th century B.C.
Material: Terracotta
Dimensions: 32 cm high
Price: Sold
Ref: 2508
Provenance: Collection Dr. Gianella, Lucerne, Switzerland prior to 1950. With a certificate from Galleria Casa Serodine in Ascona dated 16 August 1950. Since then in a family estate.
Condition: A small chip on the foot ring, some wear on the surface, but overall excellently preserved.
Description: Very large and wonderfully preserved oenochoe from Cyprus with red and black geometric paint. The spherical corpus stands on a slightly set off foot ring and is on the sides decorated with numerous concentric circles in different sizes and colors. On the front, below the cloverleaf spout, which resembles to a stylized bird’s head, is a large open lotus blossom with two red buds painted on the right and on the left. The lotus blossom is considered as the symbol for life, birth and resurrection. Downwards tapering are the typical for this plant, entangled roots. The square below the blossom could be interpreted as a swimming aid or as a cultivation board. Below again concentric circles. The neck is broad and cylindrical. The handle with a deep middle ridge begins on the shoulder and ends on the back at the spout. See for type and the size the oenochoe in the Brooklyn Museum with the Accession Number 22.16. Accompanied by an expertise of Galleria Casa Serodine in Ascona.