Glass Jug with Applied Decoration Threads

Culture: Roman
Period: 4th century A.D.
Material: Glass
Dimensions: 12.7 cm high
Price: Sold
Ref: 3198
Provenance: From a French collection, thence in a Parisian auction house.
Condition: Perfectly preserved.
Description: Single handle jug of transparent, grey-green glass. The spout is broadly pulled out with a slightly thickened rim, below is a glass thread wrapped around. Under the applied decoration thread, on the base of the neck, a round rib pulled out from the wall. At the end of the neck a second applied glass thread. The handle is separately worked out. At the bottom remainings of sharp edges that were left when the piece was knocked off the punty. A pear-formed corpus with a flat, inwardly pulled base. From the region of today’s Palestine. For reference see: “Römisches, byzantinisches und frühmittelalterliches Glas – Sammlung Ernesto Wolf“, Hatje Cantz 2001, number 151.