Lifesize Relief Head of a Young Man

Culture: Greek
Period: 4th-3rd century B.C.
Material: Marble
Dimensions: 26 cm high
Price: 24 000 Euro
Ref: 3399
Provenance: New York private collection W. F., acquired in the 1970s.
Condition: The nose is chipped in ancient times, the face cleaned, retouching along the brows and on the cheeks.
Description: Lifesize head in 2/3 view of a young man, possibly originating from a high relief of a funerary monument. The expressive face with realistic, individual features. The eyes looking gently out from thick lids, the mouth with its distinct lips is closed, the chin prominent. The still round cheeks indicate the man’s young age. His hair is thick and wavy and falling in strands into his forehead at the front. The right ear is worked out. Mounted.