Marble Cinerarium for Hermogenes and Elea

Culture: Eastern Greek/Roman period
Period: 1st century B.C.
Material: Marble
Dimensions: 29.6 cm x 34.4 cm x 43 cm
Price: 12 000 Euro
Ref: 3539
Provenance: German private collection H. W., North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, acquired prior to 1980.
Condition: Except for some minor wear on the edges intact.
Description: Late Hellenistic or Roman marble cinerarium from eastern Greece. The urn itself stands on four broad feet and a set off bar on the upper and lower edge. The lid has the form of a gabled roof and depicts on one side an inscription in six lines: “Ο ΔΗΜΟΣ ΕΤΗΜΙΣΕΝ / ΕΡΜΟΓΕΝΗΝ ΔΙΟΝΥ/ΣΙΟΥ ΚΙΛΛΙΒΟΝ ΘΕ / ΕΠΙ ΑΙΝΗΟΥ ΜΗ[ΝΟΣ] ΞΑΝΔΙΚΟΥ ΙΕ / ΗΔΗΑ ΕΡΜΟΓΕΝΟΥΣ ΓΥΝΗ / ΙΚΕΣΙΟΥ ΕΤΩΝ ΜΗ.”. The translation reads: "The people honoured Hermogenes, son of Dionysius Quillibonus?, 75 (years). Under Aeneas, on 16th of the month Xandikos, Elea, wife of Hermogenes, daughter of Hikesios, 48 years." The present inscription is a so-called posthumous dedicatory inscription, hence an epitaph, which at the same time is a public honour of the deceased from his hometown. With an expertise and translation by the Viennese epigraphist Mag. Katharina Michner BA MA.