Mummy Decoration Made of Faience Beads with Original Threading

Culture: Egyptian
Period: Late period, 26th dynasty, 664-525 B.C.
Material: Faience, linen
Dimensions: 60 cm x 38.5 cm (frame); 18.8 cm x 21.4 cm (face mask); 8.5 cm x 28.6 cm (scarab); 10.6 cm x 19.5 cm (Isis)
Price: 10 000 Euro
Ref: 1384
Provenance: Private collection Christine Delangle, Paris. Inherited from the parents who acquired the mummy decoration in the 1980s.
Condition: The left wing of Isis incomplete, otherwise a magnificent collection of a mummy decoration.
Description: Magnificent collection of related elements of a mummy decoration of tightly threaded, ring-shaped faience beads. The face mask, which was placed on the face of the mummy, with yellow base color, red nose, mouth framed in red and red beard as well as turquoise eyes and turquoise mouth. The pupils, brows and hair are in black. The winged scarab, the symbol of rebirth, is of exceptionally fine quality. The wings with a play of color of red, blue, green and black. The body of the scarab in blue, the limbs and the head in black, the eyes red. Very rare is the depiction of the winged Isis of faience beads. The goddess kneeling and facing to the right in a turquoise gown with black hair and also colorful play of color on the wings. The decoration still with its original linen threading is adhered on a rose-colored textile and framed by a gilded bar. At the back a fastening for mounting on the wall.