Magnificent Gold Jewellery Ensemble with Egyptian Amulets and Scarabs

Culture: Egyptian
Period: Middle Kingdom to Late Period, 2137-332 B.C.
Material: Gold, faience, lapis lazuli, steatite
Dimensions: 43 cm long (collier); 19 cm long (bracelet); 5.8 cm long (earrings)
Price: Sold
Ref: 1367
Provenance: The gold setting Paris around 1865. The parure sold on 28 March 1978 by Astoria Galerie, Munich, Germany. With a copy of the original invoice, as well as an expertise by Dr. Dietrich Wildung of 9 February 1978. Last in a German private collection.
Condition: In perfect condition, ready to wear.
Description: Parure with Egyptian amulets and scarabs of extraordinary quality. The ensemble includes a necklace, a bracelet and two earrings, all of which were masterfully set in 18-carat gold by a Parisian goldsmith around 1865. The necklace includes seven scarabs and eleven amulets. In the centre a faience sistrum with the head of goddess Hathor, next to it two scarabs with amulets of gods Thoth and Khnum. In addition, djed pillars, udjat eyes and Bes belong to this unique necklace. The bracelet consists of eight scarabs made of steatite, faience and lapis lazuli, which are arranged by their size getting larger towards the centre. Also on the bracelet high-quality ancient pieces were combined to an extraordinary ensemble. Finally, the two earrings each consist of a steatite scarab – one with a faience amulet of the goddess Isis, the other one with the goddess Nephthys. All ancient Egyptian amulets and scarabs were examined and described in 1978 by Dr. Dietrich Wildung, director of the Staatliche Sammlung Ägyptischer Kunst in Munich. The combination of the extremely high quality ancient Egyptian pieces is unique.