Marble Relief Depicting the Storage of Wine

Culture: Römisch
Period: 3rd century A.D.
Material: Marble
Dimensions: 77 cm x 33.5 cm
Price: Sold
Ref: 3220
Provenance: Swiss private collection, acquired before 1991. Thence Christie's London on December 6, 2016, lot 59.
Condition: Fragment, one professionally restored break.
Description: Marble part of a sarcophagus depicting the storage of wine. In the left picture area a portrait of an old, bearded man holding a scroll in his left hand. On his right side a winged Eros standing in contrapposto. The youthful god holds in his right hand a parapetasma behind the old man, the deceased. In his left hand Eros is holding a large torch. On the right side a scene depicting the storage of wine, two bearded men carrying heavy transport amphorae on their left shoulders. Behind them a third man showing them the way. Possibly it is about the offloading of a transportation ship. A third slave is waiting for the delivery in the warehouse, where a ramp is leading to, in crouching position in the low entrance with his right hand stretched out.