Late Archaic Handle Attachment in Form of a Lion

Culture: Greek
Period: around 550 B.C.
Material: Bronze
Dimensions: 4,5 cm x 5,4 cm
Price: 1 800 Euro
Ref: 2480
Provenance: English private collection, acquired around 1980. Last in the German private collection Sigrid Fiebig, Bad Herrenalb acquired on 17 January 2017. With the original invoice and certificate.
Condition: Intact
Description: High-quality bronze attachment with two rivets and a double ring eyelet, where movable and curved handles of a situla were attached. The rectangular attachment in form of a lion head en face with hanging paws. The fur is finely engraved in cold work. On both sides of the mane upwards winding snake heads with short necks. The depiction of lions and snakes definitely had an apotropaic function and was in this form rare. See for the type of the handle attachment in the Akademisches Kunstmuseum Bonn with the inventory number C59, as well as the example in the collection of Leo Mildenberg, published in “Tierbilder aus vier Jahrtausenden. Antiken der Sammlung Mildenberg”, number 114, pages 119-120. Mounted.