33 Neanderthal Hand Axes, Scrapers and Blades from the Cave Le Moustier

Culture: Neanderthals/Western Europe
Period: Mousterian, Middle Palaeolithic, 120,000-40,000 B.C.
Material: Flintstone
Dimensions: from 4 cm to 9.8 cm long
Price: Sold
Ref: 5231
Provenance: From an old French collection prior to the First World War. The collection was established between 1912 and 1914. All hand axes and blades have original handwritten labels with the names of the sites.
Condition: Throughout intact.
Description: Important collection of Neanderthal (Homo neanderthalensis) scrapers, small hand axes and blades, collected in 1914, from the famous French site of Le Moustier, which gave its name to the Middle Paleolithic Moustérien period. The flint stone collection consists of 33 tools which were created with the Levallois technique where the tool was circularly stroked out from the core stone. All stones have handwritten original labels from 1914. The collection is in its original box from the same year.