2nd April 2021
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4th March 2021
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5th February 2021
The Art Newspaper about the odyssey of our Roman Bronze Hercules: … read more

4th February 2021
Newsletter February 2021: … read more

12th January 2021
The German newspaper “Handelsblatt about the odyssey of our Roman bronze bust of Hercules caused by German authorities: …read more

8th January 2021
Newsletter January 2021: …read more

22nd December 2020
The Austrian daily newspaper Der Standard on the dissemination of false numbers on the illegal antiquities trade by UNESCO and illegal halting of shippings by German authorities: …read more

1st December 2020
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5th November 2020
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7th October 2020
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8th September 2020
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5th August 2020
We are looking forward to meeting you at ART&ANTIQUE in the Residenzhof Salzburg. The art fair opens on Friday 7th August and lasts until Sunday 16th. Opening hours: daily 11am to 7pm.

5th August 2020
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2nd July 2020
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31st May 2020
Newsletter June 2020: …read more

5th May 2020
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6th April 2020
Healthy and happy we are delighted to inform you that our gallery and showroom in Vienna are expected to reopen on 14 April. After four weeks of lockdown due to the Corona crisis we are looking forward to meeting you in person again. Of course we respect all hygiene measures – which means in addition to mummy masks there are also face masks available for all our visitors. Nevertheless I am convinced that our smiles will still be visible after this – hopefully endured – crisis.

3rd April 2020
Newsletter April 2020: …read more

2nd April 2020
The Austrian business magazine “Sheconomy” about the antiquities trade, ancient art as an investment and our gallery in Vienna: …read more

26th March 2020
Faces of the Past II …see more

26th March 2020
Faces of the Past …see more

21st March 2020
Dear Friends of Ancient Art, we hope we can offer you some distraction with our daily updated website during these difficult days of the worldwide crises caused by the Covid-19 virus. Should one or the other object enchant, inspire of fascinate you, please do not hesitate to call us on +43 664 11 68 324, or write us at We are delighted to answer your request. Please be assured that shipment with DHL Express and FedEx Priority, except for some minimal delays, is currently working perfectly well. But most of all we are looking forward to meeting you in person again! Please stay safe and healthy!

15th March 2020
The exhibition “Faces of the Past” on 18 March at 7 p.m. is cancelled due to the Austrian government’s regulation to fight against the virus Covid-19. We will make all efforts to publish the ancient objects online in the next days and weeks. So art can bring some variety to everyday life in these difficult days for all of us. We are looking forward meeting you all healthy again. Please take care of yourself and your family! See you soon! Christoph Bacher

8th March 2020
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2nd February 2020
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7th January 2020
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12th December 2019
With pride and joy we are delighted to herewith inform you that our gallery has been accepted in the rank of members of the International Association of Dealers in Ancient Art (IADAA). Only around 30 galleries from all over the world belong to the illustrious circle of the IADAA. They all oblige to fulfill the highest standards concerning quality and origin of ancient artworks. It is of course a huge honor for us to be affiliated with the worldwide best galleries for ancient art after only five years of our gallery’s establishment. An honor which we definitely plan to live up to.

5th December 2019
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5th November 2019
Newsletter November 2019: …read more

13th October 2019
The Austrian daily newspaper Die Presse about our participation at FairforArt Vienna 2019: …read more

4th October 2019
Newsletter October 2019: …read more

5th September 2019
Newsletter September 2019: …read more

4th August 2019
The entire trade with ancient art has been criminalized for years, there were assumptions about terror financing, about blood ancient art, a true crusade has started, laws against the trade have been passed – and only then a research project called Illicid worth millions was initiated to shed light into the criminological dark field. What was the result? An acquittal for the trade with ancient art! There are no illegal objects traded in Europe – e.g. from Syria or Yemen! This must now be acknowledged by cultural politicians and archaeologists, who have tried for years with their non-verified defamations to be in the spotlight. They will, no they must now fall silent – and dealers and collectors can again unhindered dedicate themselves to the oldest collection field in art history: Antiquities. Here is the related article from the German medium Die Zeit: …read more

31st July 2019
Newsletter August 2019: …read more

21st July 2019
The Austrian daily newspaper Der Standard about our participation at ART&ANTIQUE in Salzburg from 10 to 18 August. Visit us at our booth full of ancient masterpieces in the courtyard of the Residenz. …read more

7th July 2019
Newsletter July 2019: …read more

29th May 2019
Newsletter June 2019: …read more

2nd May 2019
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13th April 2019
The Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung about our participation at ART&ANTIQUE in Salzburg (until 22. April) and about our much admired old Syrian marble relief of a lion. …read more

6th April 2019
The Austrian daily newspaper “Der Standard” refers in detail how the trade with ancient art is baselessly criminalized, and at the same time clarifies that there are always the same hardliners, who are behind those accusations. An article, which enlightens and explains – and where we are also quoted: …read more

4th April 2019
Newsletter April 2019: …read more

20th March 2019
The World Customs Organization (WCO) confirms in its latest report that only 0.2 percent of the worldwide illegal trade are affiliated with cultural goods. At the same time a team of the UN Security Council confirms that the Islamic State is not systematically financed by the trade of cultural property, as often wrongly stated. Finally international authorities confirm that the “illegal trade with ancient art”, if at all, only play an insignificant role in the illegal global trade. The serious trade with ancient art regains herewith its reputation! …read more

17th March 2019
Austria’s oldest daily newspaper Wiener Zeitung writes about our participation at Wikam verbatim: “Highlights at Wikam: Christoph Bacher with his ancient treasures, like the Egyptian mummy mask”. …read more

11th March 2019
Our mummy mask als media’s favourite on the artfair WIKAM in Vienna – in the daily newspaper Kronen Zeitung and the artmagazine.

6th March 2019
Newsletter March 2019: …read more

3rd March 2019
Save the Date: On 21 March at 7 p.m. we cordially invite you to the first major exhibition of the year in our showroom in Untere Viaduktgasse 55 in Vienna. Entitled “Time is a Moving Image of Eternity”, a quote by Plato, we exhibit ancient objects with the best provenances, which serve today as written testimonies. As one highlight amongst others stands a 1.8 m high sarcophagus panel depicting only one, but all the more beautiful hieroglyph column covering the entire length. What does it read? Be surprised at the exhibition.
In addition, the sculptor Jochen Höller has produced exclusively for this exhibtion works, which in combination with ancient objects emphasize new connections and synergies, which inspire to realize time and its transience. What to expect? Here a preview: The work “Black Whole” consists of approximately 12 000 letters, which were cut out from Jan Assmann’s book “Zeit und Ewigkeit im Alten Ägypten”. Höllerer’s contribution to the exhibition is curated by Hema Makwana.

20th February 2019
À tous nos amis français: Notre website était hors ligne pendant quelques semaines en France, mais est à nouveau disponible dans toute la France.

4th February 2019
Newsletter February 2019: …read more

16th January 2019
Interview with Christoph Bacher in Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (Online-Version). …read more

6th January 2019
Newsletter January 2019: …read more

5th January 2019
An interview with Christoph Bacher in Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung about the ancient art trade, culture protection acts, incorrect numbers concerning the illegal trade and why private collectors are indispensable for our cultural heritage! …read more

4th December 2018
Newsletter December: …read more

20th November 2018
Please join us for our annual Christmas exhibtion in our Grand Showroom in Vienna. We will show ancient masterpieces as well as over 300 ancient gift ideas under 500 Euro. Opening today 7pm, Untere Viaduktgasse 55, 1030 Vienna. The exhibition will be open until 23rd December 2018.

13th November 2018
The daily newspaper “Wiener Zeitung” about our newly acquired collection of very rare Vinca figures dating to the Neolitic period: …read more

12th November 2018
The Online-publication “artmagazine” about the success of our gallery in the last four years and our wildely acclaimed participation at ART&ANTIQUE  in the Viennese Hofburg: …read more

6th November 2018
Newsletter November: …read more

21st October 2018
Save the date: Visit us on Tuesday 20 November for the opening of our large Christmas exhibtion in our Grand Showroom at Untere Viaduktgasse 55, 1030 Vienna. We will present more than 500 gift inspirations of ancient art. …Invitation

5th October 2018
The Austrian daily newspaper “Die Presse” presents in her special issue “Im Ersten” our small gallery on Stubenring 20 in Vienna: …read more

3rd October 2018
Newsletter Oktober: …read more

24th September 2018
Tomorrow Tuesday, 25 September 2018 we open our new exhibition “The Immortal Gods” at 7 p.m. in our Grand Showroom, Untere Viaduktgasse 55, 1030 Vienna. We are delighted to welcome all friends of ancient art on this very special evening!…Invitation

3rd September 2018
Newsletter September: …read more

12th August 2018
The Austrian newspaper “Salzburger Nachrichten” about our participation on the fair ART&ATIQUE and our monumental Roman marble head we are showing there. …Article

3rd August 2018
“Weltkunst” – the art magazine of Die ZEIT reports in its August edition about our participation at ART&ANTIQUE in Salzburg and writes verbatim: “Christoph Bacher has succeeded with a lot of expertise in the last years in creating with his Archäologie/Ancient Art gallery an internationally relevant center for acquiring wonderful ancient valuables.”: …Article

1st August 2018
Newsletter August: …read more

4th July 2018
Newsletter July: …read more

2nd Juni 2018
The current issue of the German magazine “Kunst und Auktionen” (the art newspaper of Die ZEIT publishing house) features an interview with Christoph Bacher about “the discovery of his life” (in German): … Interview

22nd May 2018
Newsletter June: …read more

27th April 2018

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20th April
Save The Date: 8 May 2018, 7 p.m.
We are delighted to welcome you to our new exhibition “Traces of Stone”. From stone Eros and Aphrodite to Bacchus’ smile – the gallery proudly introduces new ancient acquisitions of marble, limestone and porphyry with the best provenances. In addition, the Austrian artist Nicole Krenn presents a selection of her graphic work. With two series “Black Night” and “Apocalypse” she thematises in artistic cartographies the traces in alpine limestone. Limestone is amongst the stones the one where environmental impact most visibly leaves its traces. Karstified cliffs are formed over the centuries in a stone of biogenic origin. Here time takes shape in a compressed form. Nicole Krenn’s attention pertains to the non-obvious ascertainable. Invitation

5th April 2018
Newsletter April: …read more

18th March 2018
We are looking forward seeing you at ART&ANTIQUE in the Residenz Salzburg. As Austria’s only gallery for ancient art we are presenting highlights of our program in the Residenzsaal, booth number 20. The opening is on Friday 23rd March!

2nd March 2018
Newsletter March: …read more

15th February 2018
Save The Date: 7th March 2018, 7pm.
Please join us for our first annual exhibtion “Von den Pyramiden bis zum Euphrat” in our Grand Showroom in Vienna. We present ancient art with best provenances from Egypt and the Near East as well as photographs from the German egyptologist and archeologist Dr Edith Bernhauer. Looking forward meeting you in Untere Viaduktgasse 55, 1030 Vienna.  Invitation

5th February 2018
Newsletter February: …read more

21st January 2018
Newsletter Vinca-Collection: …read more

8th January 2018
Newsletter January: …read more

10th December 2017
Newsletter Luristan: …read more

26th November 2017
Newsletter December: …read more

22nd November 2017
Visit us during the Advent Saturdays 2nd, 9th, 16th and 23rd December between 10:00 and 18:00 in our showroom at Untere Viaduktgasse 55, 1030 Vienna. Walk with us on these days with a glass of wine and Christmas cookies through thousands of years, and unwind surrounded by over 600 ancient artworks.

5th November 2017
The renowned Austrian daily newspaper “Die Presse” writes about our participation at ART&ANTIQUE verbatim: “Highest museum quality is concentrated in the booth of the archaeology specialist Christoph Bacher. He offers as one of the rarities an Aphrodite with shield on a fragment of a Roman column sarcophagus (2nd century A.D., 72 000 Euro), as well as a wood model of a barque with oarsmen, a burial offering from the Middle Kingdom (24 000 Euro).”: …read more

4th November 2017
An objectivly written article about the trade with ancient art and the highest due dilligence our gallery is obliged to: …read more

4th November 2017
The newspaper “Wiener Zeitung” about our participation at ART&ANTIQUE in Hofburg Vienna: …read more

29th October 2017
Newsletter November: …read more

9th October 2017
We are looking forward meeting you at our booth at the brandnew “Fair for Art Vienna”: photo

2nd October 2017
Impressions from our booth at Kunstsalon Perchtoldsdorf with ancient art: photo1 photo2 photo3 photo4

1st October 2017
Newsletter October: …read more

1st October 2017
Austria’s renowned daily newspaper “Die Presse” about our participation at the “Kunstsalon Perchtoldsdorf”: …read more

18th September 2017
The gallery is looking forward welcoming you on September 20, 7pm, for our opening of “Portraits of antiquity” at our Showroom in Untere Viaduktgasse 55, 1030 Vienna. : …invitation

3rd September 2017
Newsletter September: …read more

1st September 2017
“Facts About the Art Trade, Terrorism and the Size of the Illicit Market”: …read more

1st September 2017
“Neglect of Egypt’s antiquities bigger issue than theft”: …read more

23rd August 2017
Austrian and international media about our participation at ART&ANTIQUE in Salzburg:
…Der Standard
…Kronen Zeitung
…Süddeutsche Zeitung
…Die Presse
…Salzburger Nachrichten
…Zeit im Bild
…Zeit im Bild

23rd August 2017
Impressions from our booth at ART&ANTIQUE in Salzburg with ancient art: …photo1 …photo2 …photo3 …photo4 …photo5 …photo6 …photo7 …photo8 …photo9

12th August 2017
Austrian television about our exceptional Egyptian art we currently show at ART&ANTIQUE in Salzburg: …view

11th August 2017
Visit us and our highlights of ancient art at ART&ANTIQUE Salzburg until 20th August: …read more

1st August 2017
Newsletter August: …read more

25th July 2017
The renowned magazine “Weltkunst” about our participation at ART&ANTIQUE Salzburg  and “our dicoveries that regulary cause excitement on the artmarket”: …read more

26th June 2017
Newsletter July: …read more

21st May 2017
Newsletter June: …read more

2nd May 2017
Newsletter May: …read more

20th April 2017
Several Austrian newspapers about the participation of our gallery at ART&ANTIQUE in Salzburg:
Salzburger Nachrichten: …read more
Die Presse: …read more
Die Presse Schaufenster: …read more
Kleine Zeitung: …read more
Wiener Zeitung: …read more

12th April 2017
The largest Austrian newspaper “Kronen Zeitung” about the participation of our gallery at ART&ANTIQUE in Salzburg featuring the gilt wooden figure of a cat: …read more

31st March 2017
Newsletter April: …read more

11th March 2017
The Austrian daily newspaper Die Presse about the opening of our showroom for ancient art in Vienna: …read more

8th March 2017
Newsletter March: …read more

5th March 2017
“Most Egyptian artefacts held abroad were exported legally, says former Antiquities Minister Mamdouh al-Damaty” Press release IADAA on Egypt 3-3-2017-2

1st March 2017
“Kulturgutschutzesetz ohne Grundlage?”: The highly reputated magazin Weltkunst about wrong numbers and wrong politics in context with looting and illegal antiquities trade of ISIS. read the article (German).

12th February 2017
From 3rd to 12th March 2016 we will take part of WIKAM in Künstlerhaus Vienna. If you are interested in visiting the fair and need tickets, just send us a short E-Mail.

29th January 2017
Newsletter February: …read more

5th January 2017
Newsletter January: …read more

19th December 2016
Newsletter December: …read more

20th November 2016
The international art magazine “Apollo” mentions our Egyptian head of a young woman as one of the highlights of this year’s ART&ANTIQUE in Hofburg Vienna: …read more

6th November 2016
Newsletter November: …read more

Die Austrian daily newspaper die Presse about our gallery at ART&ANTIQUE in the Hofburg Vienna: …read more

7th October 2016
Newsletter October: …read more

9th September 2016
Newsletter September: …read more

16th August 2016
Vincent Geerling, chairman of the International Association of Dealers in Ancient Art (IADAA), about the tradition of collecting antiquities and the ongoing attacks against the legitimate trade. Just one excerpt: “In Egypt alone 120 licensed dealers were active between 1912 and 1979. They sold antiquities even in room 56 in the Egyptian museum in Cairo. Export licenses were issued without any description of the objects!” Filmed in Brussels during ArtConnoisseurs, the art lecture series held simultaneously of Cultures – The World Arts Fairs. …see video

9th August 2016
The Austrian Broadcast BTV about our exhibtion with ancient art in Schoerfling on Attersee: …see video

1st August 2016
Newsletter August: …read more

14th July 2016
Newsletter July: …read more

30th May 2016
Newsletter June: …read more

26th May 2016
Newsletter May: …read more

4th April 2016
Various media releases regarding our gallery on the ART&ANTIQUE international art fair in Salzburg:
Der Standard I
Der Standard II
Fine Art
Salzburg City Guide

Wiener Zeitung
Salzburger Nachrichten I
Salzburger Nachrichten II
ORF Salzburg Heute

25 March 2016
Austrian Broadcasting Corporation (ORF) about the art market and Christoph Bacher Archäologie Ancient Art. …read more

8 March 2016
From 19th to 28th March 2016 we will take part of ART&ANTIQUE in the Residenz Salzburg. If you are interested in visiting the fair and need tickets, just send us a short E-Mail.

8 March 2016
Statements of IADAA referring to looting and antiquities trade as well as “Das schmutzige Geschäft mit der Antike” from Günther Wessel. Two articles in addition to the prejudiced program “Fundort unbekannt” from Austrian radio broadcast Ö1. …read more …read more

8 February 2016
From 27th February to 6th March 2016 we will take part of WIKAM in Künstlerhaus Vienna. If you are interested in visiting the fair and need tickets, just send us a short E-Mail.

8 February 2016
Newsletter February: …read more

6 January 2016
Newsletter January: …read more

2 December 2015
Newsletter December: …read more

12 November 2015
Various media releases regarding our gallery on the ART&ANTIQUE international art fair:
Fine Art
Salzburger Nachrichten
Wirtschaftsblatt I
Wirtschaftsblatt II

11 November 2015
“Mit der Messe auf Zeitreise”, Austrian’s daily newspaper “Die Presse” about Christoph Bacher Archäologie Ancient Art on the fair ART&ANTIQUE: …read more

30 October 2015
Newsletter November: …read more

8 October 2015
Christoph Bacher Archäologie Ancient Art at the ART&ANTIQUE art fair in the Hofburg Vienna: … read more

28. September 2015
Newsletter October: …read more

18 September 2015
From 7th to 15th November 2015 we will take part of Art&Antique in Hofburg Vienna. If you are interested in visiting the fair and need tickets, just send us a short E-Mail.

1 September 2015
Newsletter September: … read more

28 July 2015
Newsletter August: … read more

6 July 2015
Newsletter July: … read more

5 July 2015
Der Journalist Christoph Bacher hat eine Galerie für antike Kunst eröffnet.”
An article in the Austrian daily newspaper “Die Presse” about our gallery and dealing with ancient art: … read more

25 June 2015
Portraits of Ancient Times: … read more

2 June 2015
Newsletter June: … read more

12 May 2015
The Etruscans – a population full of mystery: … read more

12 May 2015
Interesting new exhibition about restaurations of Egyptian Art in the Kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna: …”Ein Ägyptisches Puzzle”

10. May 2015
Newsletter May: … read more

9. May 2015
Newsletter April: … read more

9. May 2015
The heads von Saba – Picassos inspiration: … read more

03 May 2015
Great new exhibition, dont miss: …”Ägypten, die letzten Pharaonen”

20 April 2015
The Antiquities auctions at Bonhams and Christie’s in London reached records. Here are the results: … Bonhams … Christie’s
By the way: South Arabian heads, also known as Sabaen heads, went at Bonhams (lot 60 and Los 61) up to 60.000 pounds. Compare it with our head of a boy from South Arabia: … read more

25 March 2015
atmedia: Bacher leaves News. … read more

22 March 2015
Extradienst: Christoph Bacher, for many years member of the editors board of NEWS, leaves the magazine and opens a gallery for ancient art in Vienna. … read more

19 March 2015
Press release: Christoph Bacher leaves NEWS and opens at the beginning of April a gallery in Vienna. … read more