Akkadian Cylinder Seal with Judgement Scene

Culture: Akkadian
Period: 2340-2200 B.C.
Material: Shell
Dimensions: 3.4 cm x 2.3 cm
Price: Sold
Ref: 6086
Provenance: Collection Marco Ricci, Vienna, acquired at Senatus Consulto in Copenhagen.
Condition: A small hole in the scene, otherwise intact.
Description: Incised cylinder seal of a fossil shell from the Persian Gulf. Depicted is a rare presentation of a judgement scene: The Bird Man Imdugud (in Akkadian Anzu) is presented before the enthroned Water God Enki (in Akkadian Ea). He stole from the highest God Enlil the fate panels, where all human beings’ destinies were inscribed. Enki is depicted with a horned tiara with a long robe. Along his shoulders are two flowing water streams, symbolizing Euphrates and Tigris, as well as jumping fish.