Old Babylonian Cuneiform Tablet

Culture: Old Babylonian
Period: 1750-1600 B.C.
Material: Clay
Dimensions: 7.7 cm x 4 cm x 4.9 cm
Price: Sold
Ref: 6168
Provenance: Private collection E. P. v Dijk, Holland, acquired in the 1980s. Most recently with Archea Ancient Art, Amsterdam. Accompanied by a certificate of provenance by E.P. van Dijk dated 22 March 2017.
Condition: A stable crack at the upper part. A corner with ancient wear.
Description: Old Babylonian cuneiform tablet with a list of grain ratio and old Babylonian names. The complete translation reads: (1)400 (liters): Marduk-muballit (2) 120 (liters): Beliyatum (3) 120 (liters): Adad-šarrum (4) 60 (liters): Iddin-Ištar (5) 100 (liters): Šamaš-liwwir (6) 50 liters: Awilatum (7) 100 (lilters): Aham-ar. Mounted.