Amulet of a Hematite Headrest

Culture: Egyptian
Period: Late Period, 664-332 B.C.
Material: Hematite
Dimensions: 1.5 cm x 1.8 cm
Price: Sold
Ref: 1280
Provenance: Collection Ezeldeen Taha Eldarir, acquired on 15 May 1930 from Salahaddin Sirmali in Cairo and then brought to the USA.
Condition: Of excellent condition.
Description: Beautifully worked out amulet of a headrest of grey stone, possibly hematite. The headrest is pierced along the neck for suspension. On both sides with engravings, among them on each side a sun disk. Headrest amulets were exclusively used in the sepulchral field. It should enable the deceased to raise from the horizontal position to start his life in the hereafter. It should in addition protect him to be decapitated by hostile forces. The sun disk is to be understood as the symbol of resurrection and rebirth.