Amulet of a Wadj Sceptre with a Lotus Flower

Culture: Egyptian
Period: Late Period, 664-332 B.C.
Material: Hematite
Dimensions: 5.3 cm high
Price: Reserved
Ref: 1297
Provenance: Collection Ezeldeen Taha Eldarir, acquired on 15 May 1930 from Salahaddin Sirmali in Cairo and then brought to the USA.
Condition: Except for some minor wear intact.
Description: Exceptional hematite amulet in form of a papyrus sceptre with a crowning lotus blossom. The amulet is tapering downwards. On the rectangular head a finely jagged lotus blossom. The back is flat. On the lower part of the blossom a lengthwise hole for suspension. The papurus stem stands for the word wadj – "to be green, to be young”. The holder of the amulet therefore hopes for everlasting youth. The lotus blossom served as the symbol for protection and sign for regeneration. Rare form.