Anthropomorphic Walrus Ivory Amulet of the Punuk or Thule

Culture: Bering Strait culture
Period: 1000-1200 A.D.
Material: Walrus ivory
Dimensions: 3 cm high
Price: 2 600 Euro
Ref: 5235
Provenance: From the French collection of the well-known art dealer Jean-Philippe Mariaud de Serres (1944-2007).
Condition: Intact
Description: Rare and in details worked out amulet of walrus ivory depicting a naked man with a round belly. The figure with a large head with clinging, thick hair strands and deeply pierced eyes, which possibly once held inlays. The arms are bent on the sides, the hands resting on the belly. The short legs with broad upper thighs are spread, between the private part. Fingers and toes are indicated with one engraving each. On the back the buttocks, shoulder blades and spinal column are engraved. The figure is horizontally pierced through the shoulder and could be worn as an amulet. Possibly with apotropaic meaning. The rare amulet belongs to the culture of the Punuk or Thule, who belong to the old Bering Strait culture, who left numerous important archaeological sites especially on St. Lawrence Island. St. Lawrence Island is located on the trail of walruses, whales, robes and countless bird species and offered in ancient times vital resources amid the otherwise rough Arctic environment. See for the type the figure from the Amy and Elliott Lawrence collection, auctioned with Sotheby's New York on 24 May 2022, lot 21. Mounted.