Apulian Kylix of the Red-Swan-Group

Culture: Greek/Apulian
Period: 2nd half of 4th century B.C.
Material: Terracotta
Dimensions: 19.8 cm in diameter
Price: 1 400 Euro
Ref: 2571
Provenance: Old Belgian private collection, thence André Munter Archeologie, Brussels, Belgium. There acquired on 10 December 2004 by another Belgian collection. With the original certificate by André De Munter, Brussels. On the back of the certificate a label with a stamp of a court inspection on 26 June 2009 with the signature of the law clerk F. Coene N.
Condition: Intact
Description: Beautifully preserved, thin-wall kylix from the Apulian workshop of the Red-Swan-Group. The bowl stands on a profiled foot ring and is glazed in black. Over the lustre the paint was applied in red color. The interior depicts in the tondo a palmette framed by red circles, a rare motive of this painter group. Followed by a laurel wreath, whose circular branch forms at the same time a raised rib. At the bottom between the handles two laurel branches, on one side with four, on the other side with five leaves. The handles themselves are curved upwards and reach approximately to the rim. See for the type Christie’s auction on 4 June 1999, lot 51. For the Red-Swan-Group see Konrad Schauenburg “Studien zur unteritalischen Vasenmalerei”, volume 3, Kiel 2001,pS. 36-43.