Apulian Oinochoe

Culture: Greek/Apulian
Period: 340-325 B.C.
Material: Terracotta
Dimensions: 24.3 cm high
Price: 1 400 Euro
Ref: 2540
Provenance: Private collection Michael Ratzenböck, Upper Austria. For at least 30 years in a family estate.
Condition: Intact
Description: Elegant, red-figure oinochoe with a head of a woman to the left and fine details in opaque white. The so-called “Lady of Fashion” wears earrings and a necklace, parts of the pulled back hair is covered with a kekryphalos. Wavy curls cascade on the sides along her temple. The nose is long and merges directly into her forehead, which makes the attribution to the workshop of the Kantharos Group possible. In front of the face a floral plant, behind it a rosette. The rest of the corpus is decorated with densely painted palmettes. The oinochoe stands on a multiple-profiled foot ring. The shoulder is horizontal and decorated with a black waveband. The long neck with white ray decoration. On the back of the trefoil spout the high raised, ribbed handle starts, which ends on the shoulder.