Archaic Votive Head

Culture: Greek
Period: 5th century B.C.
Material: Terracotta
Dimensions: 8.6 cm high
Price: Sold
Ref: 2176
Provenance: Collection Päselt Karlsruhe, acquired 1971 from Dr. Deppert in Frankfurt. Thence Galerie Antiken-Kabinett Gackstätter, inventory number 04002. With certificate of Galerie Antiken-Kabinett Gackstätter.
Condition: Breaks in the neck area and on the diadem are restored, nevertheless of very attractive expression.
Description: Female votive head with the typical archaic smile, almond-shaped eyes and a straight nose. The curls falling into the forehead are parted in the center, the ears large and flat, on her head wearing a diadem. The neck with a rounded base. The face made from a mould, the back of the head and the neck are formed by hand.