Archaic Etruscan Terracotta Antefix in Form of a Woman’s Head

Culture: Etruscan
Period: Mid 6th century B.C.
Material: Terracotta
Dimensions: 16.8 cm high
Price: 16 000 Euro
Ref: 4207
Provenance: Private collection Carl Otto Tièche (1899-1989), Nidau, Switzerland, acquired prior to 1979. In the same year by descent to his nephew Robert Tièche, Kappel, Switzerland. Handed over in 2012 to Galleria Serodine in Ascona, Switzerland. There sold on 10 October 2012 to Dr. Fred and Sylvia Legrain, Wabern, Switzerland. Thence in a family estate. With a copy of the invoice from Galleria Serodine and a provenance confirmation by Robert Tièche from 2012. With a TL test confirming the age.
Condition: Unrestored and in particularly beautiful condition.
Description: Exceptionally beautiful terracotta antefix in form of an archaic woman’s head with abundantly preserved painting. The oval face with almond-shaped eyes with black pupils, above finely drawn brows, and a straight, slightly rounded nose. The mouth is closed with red full lips, which are formed to a gentle smile. The black, wavy hair frames the face and cascades behind the ears in an Egyptized style to the shoulders. The woman wears large, round earrings, which are decorated with a cross with dots between the bars. She has a veil with a red band pulled over the back of the head. Possibly from Cerveteri. Mounted on a heavy granite base. On the back of the base a collection label. With a TL test confirming the age.