Archaic Etruscan Terracotta Antefix in Form of a Woman’s Head

Culture: Etruscan
Period: 525-500 B.C.
Material: Terracotta
Dimensions: 21 cm high
Price: Sold
Ref: 4170
Provenance: Swiss private collection, 1960s. Thence with Nina Borowski 1988. There published in: “Nina Borowski Archéologie, décembre 1988 – janvier 1989”, pl. III, Nr. 1. There acquired from the French entrepreneur and art patron Pierre Bergé (1930-2017). Thence auctioned with Pierre Bergé auctions, there acquired by an Austrian art dealer. Last in the private collection of Sigrid Fiebig, Bad Herrenalb, Germany, acquired on 4 March 2019. With original invoice and certificate.
Condition: Reassembled from two pieces with retouching over the the breakline in the hair.
Description: Magnificent terracotta antefix in form of an archaic female head with beautifully preserved paint. The oval head with large, wide open, almond-shaped eyes with black pupils, above finely drawn brows, and a straight, slightly pointy nose. The mouth is small, but elegantly formed with red full lips. The black, wavy hair is parted in the middle and cascades behind the ears in Egyptian style to the shoulders. The woman wears large round earrings, which are painted in red like the ears and in addition have black dotted decoration. Above the forehead towers a stephane which is decorated with sun ornaments. Finally on the neck a stylized necklace is painted in red. Possibly from Cerveteri. Mounted.