Attic Bell Krater attributed to the Painter of the Würzburger Amymone

Culture: Greek
Period: 400-380 B.C.
Material: Terracotta
Dimensions: 33.5 cm high
Price: 22 000 Euro
Ref: 2210
Provenance: Collection Hager, acquired around 1920. Since 1952 in an Austrian collection.
Condition: Intact except for one fine hairline crack on the back and of excellent quality.
Description: Red-figure, Attic bell krater attributed to the painter of the Wuerzburger Amymone with a circular, broad and multiple profiled foot, as well as with handles on both sides angled upwards. The estuary widened and pulled outwards. Below the estuary a wreath of laurel leaves counter-clockwise. Around the handles a semi-circular, dotted egg-and-darts pattern. The lower border of the image area is formed by a triple meander, interrupted in its sequence by a chessboard element. The image area depicts a Satyr play of the Greek theatre, in the centre Amymone with a hand drum (Tympanum), which she beats with her right hand. Three nude Satyrs with long tails are dancing around her. Amoymone wears a long gown tied together over her shoulders. The bare arms, the face as well as her feet are in white color. The Satyrs wear a white hair garland. On the right of the image a dancing Maenad wearing wreath, collar and bracelets. On the back three almost only schematically depicted athletes.