Important Bronze Statuette of Mars

Culture: Roman
Period: 2nd century A.D.
Material: Bronze, Silver
Dimensions: 21.5 cm high
Price: 32 000 Euro
Ref: 3515
Provenance: From the private collection of the French archaeologist Louis-Gabriel Bellon (1819-1899). For over 120 year in a family estate. Accompanied by a French antiquities passport.
Condition: Right foot missing, a small scratch on the left thigh. The copper inlay of the right nipple missing. Except for some corrosion areas otherwise intact.
Description: Large and important solid bronze statuette of Mars. The god of war stands without clothes with his weight on the right leg, the left free leg is slightly bent backwards. He wears a Italo-Corinthian helmet with a high crest which is supported by a griffin and ends with a volute. The cheek guard is pulled up, the thick, semi-long hair protruding under the helmet. The heroic features and the curls parted in the centre are still in the tradition of Alexander the Great. In his right, raised hand he once held a separately worked out spear, which is missing today. In his left forward bent hand he once held a sword placed on his lower arm. Nipples and lips are with copper inlays, the eyes possibly with silver. See for the type the Roman bronze statuette of Mars in the Louvre with the inventory number Br1045. Mounted.