Inscribed Clay Envelope of a Cuneiform Tablet

Culture: Assyrian
Period: 1st half of 2nd millennium B.C.
Material: Clay
Dimensions: 6.5 cm x 4.8 cm
Price: Sold
Ref: 6349
Provenance: Private collection Peter Hollander (1931-2014), Amsterdam, Netherlands, acquired in the 1980.
Condition: Envelope opened in ancient times, reassembled and almost complete.
Description: Opened clay envelope for a cuneiform tablet, also inscribed on both sides. The front with eleven lines, the reverse with three. Inside this envelope a clay tablet was kept, which was sent like a mail item. The recipient opened the envelope and removed the cuneiform tablet. According to an old collection note the envelope dates to the Old Assyrian period. Untranslated.