Leaf Fossil of the Extinct Plant Genus Glossopteris

Culture: Gondwana
Period: Permian period, 260 million years before our time
Material: Fossil
Dimensions: 9.8 cm high
Price: 800 Euro
Ref: 10016
Provenance: Belgian private collection.
Condition: Unrestored.
Description: Magnificently preserved leaf of the extinct plant genus Glossopteris, which widely flourished during the Perm period in the south continent Gondwana. The name originates from the tongue-shaped leaves (“glossis” Greek for tongue, as well as “pteris” for “fern”). The leave is typically lanceolate and has a prominent midrib, as well as a fine net venation. It possibly is the subspecies Glossopteris browniana, whose leaves have a round tip. It is considered that Glossopteris grew in dendriform and had thick wood. Due to the wide spread on the southern hemisphere the plant genus was an important evidence for the theory of the continental drift and the existence of the supercontinent (“Gondwana”). Found in Dunedoo, New South Wales, Australia. On a custom-made metal base.