Boeotian Plank Idol of a Goddess

Culture: Greek/Boeotian
Period: mid 6th century B.C.
Material: Terracotta
Dimensions: 13.6 cm high
Price: 2 800 Euro
Ref: 2553
Provenance: German private collection J. Gutbrod (died 2017), acquired in the 1960s to 1990s in the German art market. Thence by descent to Micaela Gutbrod, Munich, Germany.
Condition: Beautifully preserved colors, intact.
Description: Plank idol with a flat body formed by hand, merging at the bottom to an oval foot ring and on top to a cylindrical neck. The bird-like face with a beak-shaped nose and red painted eyes. The figure wears a cupped polos at the back of the head identifying her as a goddess. On the forehead a large, inwardly rolled volute, suggesting a quiff. The short arms are protruding on the sides, slightly bent forward and tapering. The necklace and the dress, abundantly decorated with geometric forms, is painted in red. At the back wavy hair strands cascade to the nape. Idols such as the present one probably represent goddesses (Demeter or Hera). Due to their headdress they are also called Papades.