Bronze Handle of a Parazonium in Form of an Eagle

Culture: Roman
Period: 3rd century B.C.
Material: Bronze
Dimensions: 9.5 cm long
Price: Sold
Ref: 3509
Provenance: From the private estate of the famous Parisian art dealer François Antonovich (born 1934), acquired in the 1970s.
Condition: Intact
Description: Bronze Handle of a Roman parazonium with the knob in form of an eagle’s head. The head with bulging, protruding eyes and a strong, very curved beak, which lends a special feel to the handle. The open end, into which the connection to the dagger blade was inserted and fixed through a hole on the eagle's forehead, has a nine-sided outline. The parazonium was used in the Roman legion as a secondary weapon, together with the gladius, and was the predecessor of the pugio. It was used until the end of the Third Punic War (146 B.C.). Mounted.