Bronze Votive Hand of a Woman

Culture: Roman
Period: 1st-2nd century A.D.
Material: Bronze
Dimensions: 15.7 cm long
Price: 10 000 Euro
Ref: 3594
Provenance: Private collection Shlomo Moussaieff (1925-2015), Israel. Acquired between 1948 and 2000.
Condition: One small dent on the fingertip of the middle finger, otherwise intact and of excellent quality.
Description: Extremely fine and realistically worked out right bronze hand of a woman, which served as a votive offering. The thumb and index finger touching each other, the other three fingers are stretched out. The nails are also accentuated in details, so are the palms and the thumb base. The folds on the fingers inside and outside are engraved in cold work. Life, heart and head lines are deeply drawn on the palm. See for the type and hand position the votive hand in the MAH Musée d’art et d’histoire in Geneva with the inventory number AA 2004-0212, as well as Christie’s auction London on 6 October 2011, lot 143.