Elamite Silver Statuette of a Female Worshipper

Culture: Elamite
Period: 1500-1100 B.C.
Material: Silver, bitumen
Dimensions: 4.7 cm high
Price: Sold
Ref: 6392
Provenance: From an English private collection A.D., acquired on the English art market prior to 1990.
Condition: Especially on the right side some cracks in the silver sheet, arms possibly reattached. Overall a completely preserved silver statuette of high quality and rarity.
Description: A silver sheet covering an organic material (bitumen?) forming a statuette of a female worshipper. The woman with a round fringe of hair and a segmented cap on the calotte wears a flounced dress with a wavy pattern which ends at the bottom with a hem. Over her breasts a v-neck. Her arms raised in an adoration gesture and the palms slightly curved facing each other. The eyes with pointy lids pulled outwards, the nose and brows prominent. See for the type with the same hand posture the bronze figure of a female worshipper from Susa, today in the Metropolitan Museum of Art with Accession Number 51.159. On the sides perforations indicating that the statuette possibly was once part of a sculptural group. Mounted.