Elamite Brick of King Untas-Napirisa

Culture: Mesopotamia/Elamite
Period: 1345-1305 B.C. or 1275-1240 B.C.
Material: Clay
Dimensions: 38 cm x 6.7 cm
Price: Sold
Ref: 6047
Provenance: Old French private collection Family K, owned for several generations. Accompanied by a French export licence!
Condition: Some wear, inscription is perfectly readable.
Description: The Elamite brick of light brown clay that was part of the external masonry of the royal building originating either from Susa or Chogha Zanbil (both today Iran), is inscribed with the following six lines: 1. I, Untas-Napirisa, son of Humban-Numena, King of Anshan and Susa ... 2-3. ... desire a life full of prosperity, and that there is no harm to my blood line to be extinct, for this intention ... 4. ... I have built a temple made of fired bricks, a high temple made of glazed bricks. 5. I shall donate this sanctuary to God Inshushinak. 6. I have erected a ziggurat. This achievement, which I have realised, shall be an offering from me to please God Inshushinak. Untas-Napirisa (his reign is still discussed 1345-1305 B.C. or 1275-1240 B.C.) is one of the few today known kings of the middle-Elamite kingdom (1900 to 1100 B.C.). He renovated many temples in Elam, among them 20 only in the old capital Susa. It also includes the temple of Pinikir, donating the golden statute of Pinikir, and the temple of Inshushinak, where he erected the ziggurat. The inscription of this historically highly valuable masonry exactly describes this achievement.