Etruscan Bucchero Oenochoe

Culture: Etruscan
Period: 570-520 B.C.
Material: Clay
Dimensions: 17.8 cm high
Price: 2 200 Euro
Ref: 4025
Provenance: Nicole Porter Collection, Illinois, USA. Acquired in 1984 from the Jacqueline Ross Collection, Madison Wisconsin. The majority of the Ross Etruscan collection was donated to the Elvehjem Museum of Art (now the Chazen Museum of Art) at the University of Wisconsin in 1984 and is still there today.
Condition: A very small chip on the rim, otherwise perfectly preserved.
Description: Very elegant oenochoe of the so-called Bucchero Ware. The massive, ovoid corpus stands on a ring base, which is set off by a recessed band. On the upper half of the corpus three-dotted hallmark patterns which possibly serve as floral ornaments. The cloverleaf-shape spout is very elegantly formed, the semi-circular handle starts between two horns on the rim and finishes at the shoulder. For sure from the same workshop like our reference number 4026.