Etruscan Terracotta Votive Head of a Bearded Man

Culture: Etruscan
Period: 3rd-2nd century B.C.
Material: Terracotta
Dimensions: 25 cm high
Price: 8 000 Euro
Ref: 4171
Provenance: French private collection Madame D. for at least 45 years. Last in a court-ordered auction of the private collection of Madame D.
Condition: Unrestored. An ancient break on the right lower side as seen on the photo. Very rare with such abundantly preserved color.
Description: Extremely expressive terracotta votive head of a bearded man with abundantly preserved polychromy. The moulded head depicts an old man with strong features. The face is broad, the nose pointy, the mouth slightly open. The vigilant eyes look out between thick lids. The man has thick, centrally parted and wavy hair. The full beard is curly and thick. The ears sit exceptionally deep. The head is covered in a cape as a religious gesture referencing to the Roman-influenced setting. In the face, on the ears and on the neck beautiful color remains. Mounted.