Etruscan Bronze Statuette of a Dancer

Culture: Etruscan
Period: 6th century B.C.
Material: Bronze
Dimensions: 10 cm high
Price: Sold
Ref: 4124
Provenance: English private collection, published in BFA auction 43, lot 80.
Condition: With untreated original patina, intact.
Description: Cast bronze statuette of a clothless man in a striding position, where his left foot is put forward. He has slightly too long arms with stretched out fingers to the side and facing with a slightly raised head straight forward. The features with the large almond-shaped eyes, the prominent nose and the smile indicate the Greek-archaic influence. The hair is short in the forehead and on the temples and cascades to the nape. The strands and curls are engraved in cold work. At the bottom on the feet tenons. Mounted.