Faience Amulet of Pataikos

Culture: Egyptian
Period: Late period, 664-332 B.C.
Material: Fayence
Dimensions: 5.9 cm high
Price: Sold
Ref: 1363
Provenance: Sotheby's auction on 4 December 1978, lot 81. Thence in a Swiss collection. Thence Bonhams London auction on 6 July 2017, lot 84. Last in a New York private collection.
Condition: The surface with encrustations, but the figure is intact.
Description: Blue-green glazed faience amulet of the dwarf god Pataikos. He stands with his bent legs on two crocodiles, whose heads are turned inward. The hands rest on the fat belly and hold two knives. Pataikos wears a multi-link necklace and a scarab sits on his flattened head. On the back a winged deity with a solar disk. Between the sun disk and Pataiko’s back of the head there is a continuous hole for suspension. An engraved Horus eye at the bottom, which probably served as a stamp seal. A rare Pataikos amulet.