Faience Shabti of an Overseer

Culture: Egyptian
Period: New Kingdom, 19th dynasty, 1292-1189 B.C.
Material: Faience
Dimensions: 18.8 cm high
Price: 18 000 Euro
Ref: 1430
Provenance: French private collection Madame D. for at least 45 years. Wood base from the 1970s. The shabti is from a court-ordered auction of the private collection of Madame D.
Condition: Except for cracks on the surface of the foot intact.
Description: Important light faience shabti of an overseer with the dress of the living. The human figure wears a tripartite, parted wig. Wrapped around the upper arms and the buttock is a pleated vest. He wears an ankle-length apron with a front piece. A vertical hieroglyphic inscription runs through the centre of the apron, which mentions as the owner the “overseer of Per-wer” and “scribe”. The actual name is not readable. Under the long apron his feet are protruding. The slightly chubby man has his long arms placed on the thighs. He wears two bracelets. The detailed vestment has reminiscences to the period of Amenhotep III from the 18th dynasty. An important shabti from the Ramesside period. With remains of green glazing. See for the type the shabti of Rai in the Kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna with the inventory number “Ägyptische Sammlung, INV 17”. Mounted on an old wood base.