Faience Shabti for General Pasherientaihet

Culture: Egyptian
Period: Late Period, 30th Dynasty, 380-343 B.C.
Material: Faience
Dimensions: 19 cm high
Price: Sold
Ref: 1247
Provenance: French private collection, acquired in the 1980s at Drouot. Prior in an old private collection, France. Accompanied by a French antiquities passport.
Condition: Some minor wear on the wig, chin beard as well as the left hand, otherwise intact.
Description: Shabti of pale green faience, mentioning as the owner a general called Pasherientaihet, son of Bastetreschti. The shabti in mummiform with crossed arms, in the left hand the figure holds a hoe, in the right one the pick. The figure stands on a base plate and leans on a back pillar. The details of the face are finely worked out, the ears are looking out from the tripartite wig, with a braided chin beard. The usual seed bag slung over the left shoulder. The ushabti inscribed with eight encircling hieroglyphs. It states chapter six of the Book of the Dead, as well as the title, name and origin of the deceased. For the person and the shabti see: Olivier Perdu, „Les oushebtys du Général Pahérientaihet (Psentaés) fils de Bastetreshti“ in Revue Égyptologie 42, 1991, pp.264-266. Mounted.