Fragment of a Gilt Mummy Mask

Culture: Egyptian
Period: Late period, around 400 B.C.
Material: Linen, Cartonnage
Dimensions: 33 cm x 20.5 cm; 42 cm x 28.8 cm (frame dimensions)
Price: Sold
Ref: 1372
Provenance: German collection M. W., acquired 1999 from the Galerie Roswitha Eberwein in Göttingen, Germany. With original certificate from Roswitha Eberwein.
Condition: A rare fragment of wonderful quality.
Description: Magnificent fragment of a mummy mask abundantly decorated with gold reliefs. Preserved is the left, centre part with a red closing edge. In the gold relief on top stands a winged Isis with two Maat feathers in the right hand, the left one is raised. In front of her a large, abundantly decorated collar ending in a falcon head with a sun disk. On the right upper edge a hand formed to a fist protrudes into the image area holding the crook. The lower image, separated by three fasciae depicts on the left a standing Osiris with Atef crown and scepter. In front of him lies on a shrine the goddess Hathor in form of a cow with sun disk. From the right side Nut's left wing protrudes into the image area. The goddess also wears a sun disk and holds two Maat feathers in her hand. The cartonnage consists of stuccoed linen and is mounted in an old wood frame.