Fragment of a Brazier

Culture: Greek
Period: 3rd century B.C.
Material: Terracotta
Dimensions: 11 cm x 9.5 cm
Price: Sold
Ref: 2265
Provenance: From the estate of Josef Strasser, Lannach, Styria, Austria. Acquired in the 1960s.
Condition: Fragment
Description: Fragment of a brazier or a fire bowl which usually was used for cooking in the eastern Mediterranean Sea region. A face of a man formed from a mold, with a long braided and far protruding beard and Pilos helmet (Papposilenos?). The decoration was possibly once on a handle in the inside of the brazier. For reference see the depiction of two fragments from Halicarnassus, today in the British Museum (registration numbers 1857,1220.365 as well as 1857,1220.363). Mounted.