Early Etruscan Two-Handled Bowl of the Impasto Ware

Culture: Etruscan
Period: around 700 B.C.
Material: Terracotta
Dimensions: 20.6 cm in diameter (from one handle to the other)
Price: Sold
Ref: 4144
Provenance: Private collection Professor Dr. Rudolf Leopold (1925-2010), Vienna. Austria. Thence in the family estate.
Condition: A small restoration on the rim, otherwise only minor chips.
Description: Drinking bowl of the so-called Impasto ware of brownish clay with a smooth surface and a slightly set off ring foot. The bowl opens until the middle of the corpus, with a prominent sculptural rib marking the transition to the neck. The rim rounded and slightly turned outward. The opposite handles are attached to the neck, both are decorated with fine dots. At about the same height, two opposite, pointed bosses are worked out of the wall, which are also decorated with fine dot decoration. On the neck a decoration pressed with a comb into the leather-hard clay. At the bottom more comb-decoration and circles pressed into the clay. From Campania.