Gold Appliques and a Rosette dating to the Classical Period

Culture: Greek
Period: 5th-4th century B.C.
Material: Gold
Dimensions: 3 cm in diameter (rosette); 24 cm x 30 cm (frame)
Price: Sold
Ref: 2490
Provenance: From the Bavarian collection W. M., acquired in the 1990s at Numismata in Munich, Germany.
Condition: Intact
Description: nique collection of rare Greek gold vestment robe appliques dating to the Classical period. On the outside 34 semi-circular double beads, which were sewn on the robe through the perforations. Followed by ten gold appliques in form of stylized blossoms which were also sewn on through the small perforations. In the centre a large, six-petalled nail head rosette. Mounted in a black frame for suspension on the wall or placing on a furniture.