Funerary Stele of Masache

Culture: Roman/Province Arabia Petraea
Period: 410 A.D.
Material: Marble
Dimensions: 17.5 cm x 33 cm x 12 cm
Price: Sold
Ref: 2309
Provenance: From the collection of the well-known Italian diplomat Amedeo Guillet (1909-2010), who was amongst others also the Italian ambassador in Jordan. Acquired prior to 1975.
Condition: Some scratches on the surface, otherwise intact.
Description: Marble funerary stele with an inscription in six lines. Mentioned as the owner of the stele is a woman called Masache, a name which is known so far only from Syria and Jordan, therefore the stele possibly originates from Levant. The translation reads: “Masache, daughter of Odaidos. She lived for 60 years. Farewell! Nobody is immortal. Died on the 15th of the month in the year 304.” The dating to the year 304 applies possibly to the province area of Arabia, which starts in the year 106 A.D. Therefore the inscription is exactly to be dated to the year 410 A.D. Despite the irregular breaks in the stone it is assumed that it already had the present form prior to the inscription because the stonemason did his best to place the letter Δ above the break. With a translation and abstract from the Viennese epigraphist Katherina Michner MA. Publication in progress.