Granodiorite Torso of a Man

Culture: Egyptian
Period: Middle Kingdom, 12th dynasty, 1994-1648 B.C.
Material: Granodiorite
Dimensions: 15 cm x 17.5 cm
Price: 14 000 Euro
Ref: 1401
Provenance: French private collection, acquired between 1960 and 1980. Thence with gallery Charles Ede in London. Since 2004 in an English private collection.
Condition: Unrestored
Description: Large torso, which once belonged to a seated statue of a man. The shoulders are broad, the musculature is finely worked out in details, the navel pierced. The arms are bent forward and once rested on the lap. See for the type the about the same size, but completely preserved seated statue of the Chief of Police Mentuhotep in the Metropolitan Museum of Art with the Accession Number 22.1.200. Mounted.