Large Archaic Terracotta Bust of a Goddess

Culture: Greek/Corinthian
Period: around 550 B.C.
Material: Terracotta
Dimensions: 24 cm high
Price: 8 000 Euro
Ref: 2567
Provenance: From an old Swiss private collection. Thence with Triple Gallery, Bern, Switzerland. There acquired on 17 May 2006 by Dr. Fred and Sylvia Legrain. Thence in a family estate. With a copy of the invoice.
Condition: Unrestored
Description: Large, expressive terracotta bust of a goddess dating to the Archaic period. The statue fragment possibly depicts Demeter. The goddess has an oval face with the typical smile and almond-shaped eyes. She wears a high polos on her piled hairdo. Two long hair strands cascade on the sides over the shoulders and reach the chest. The ears are decorated with large, disc-shaped earrings. The goddess wears a peplos with a large cover up (apoptygma) reaching to the chest. The statue is almost throughout massive, only the right shoulder is hollowed, which indicates that she had a separately worked out arm. Mounted. Possibly from Corinth.