Large Gallo-Roman Bronze Statue of Juno

Culture: Gallo-Roman
Period: 2nd century A.D.
Material: Bronze, silver
Dimensions: 31.8 cm high
Price: Sold
Ref: 3457
Provenance: French private collection. Auctioned with Dorotheum Wien on 28 April 1998, lot 45. Thence private collection Karl Zieger (1939-2021), Lower Austria.
Condition: Intact except for the separately worked out arms which are missing today.
Description: Extraordinarily large bronze statue of Juno worked out from several pieces. The goddess and wife of Jupiter wears a long dress reaching to the floor, with a belt below her breasts. She has a coat over her shoulders, which also covers her head. The end of the coat falls far over the goddess’ left shoulder. The cape is separately cast and attached with a rivet to the actual statue. Juno has her thick hair parted in the centre, held together by a three-rayed diadem. The eyes are with silver inlays. She wears sandals on her feet. The back has the cape with broad pleats. The exceptionally large statue is worked out from several pieces. Apart from the cape also the today missing arms were cast and mounted separately. The slightly provincial style refers to a Gallo-Roman work.